New York City

Within New York City’s five boroughs there are a mind-boggling number of restaurants, bars, museums, entertainment opportunities and sight-seeing attractions. This can oftentimes present a daunting task when you begin planning a trip to the Big Apple.

Two of the most important decisions you need to make when starting the planning process is to determine what you want to see and where you are going to stay. Depending on the length of your stay, it’s nearly impossible to see everything the “city that never sleeps” has to offer in one visit. It’s best to go into the planning process with a handful of major must-sees you want to experience on your trip. For example, a few items may be; Broadway, Museum of Modern Art, Central Park and a Brooklyn Nets game. Be sure to also make time to grab a burger at The 21 Club! You may just spot an undercover (or not so undercover) celeb indulging in a satisfying meal.

Tip: On Google Maps, pinpoint each attraction, restaurant and store you want to visit, you will be able to check more items off your list if you strategically explore by area. This could also minimize your transportation time in between.

The next question you may be asking yourself, where do I stay? Find the locations of the attractions and entertainment you want to experience - if a majority of these fall in the same area it may make sense to stay close by. If you’re like me and they’re spread out all over the city, keep an open mind. Each neighborhood has its own personality and you’ll get a feel for where you prefer to stay.

If you want to stay near Central Park at a classic landmark, splurge on The Plaza. It’s a piece of history that encapsulates all that luxury stands for. The Loews Regency is in a great location and rates seem to be more reasonable. If you’re looking to be close to the fashion district, The Crosby Street Hotel could be the perfect SoHo fit for you. For a unique and comfortable downtown option located in TriBeCa, Robert DeNiro’s Greenwich Hotel is a relaxed first class experience. If East Village is calling you to stay near, The Standard is another popular property of choice for return visitors.

New York City and its attractions cater to every taste and, while there are many options, the Advisors at Travel Design Lounge want to simplify the process for you. Contact one of our Advisors today at contactus@traveldesignlounge.comto see how we can tailor your New York trip best fit to your personality based on interests and preferences. You’ll be happy you did! Be sure to use our "Stay Connected" form below to sign up for updates and information on upcoming events, including supplier visits. Follow us on TwitterInstagram, and like us on Facebookfor the most up to date information!