Florence: A magnificent Italy travel destination

Florence, Italy is famous for its art and history. Known as the birthplace of the Renaissance, this well-known city offers travelers sights and landmarks around every corner. Where else but Florence can you enjoy gelato while walking along the same narrow streets that Michelangelo once strolled, or gaze upon the many historic buildings and most important works of art our world has to offer? To get you started on planning your dream vacation to Florence, here are five types of things to see and do:

1. Outdoor activities
Florence is often referred to as an open-air museum, presenting travelers with beautiful architecture, squares and gardens. Visit shops on the Ponte Vecchino, view sculptures created in the 16th century at the Boboli Gardens, or bask in panoramic views of Florence at the Piazzale Michelangelo.

2. Museums
Peruse paintings, sculptures and frescoes featured in Florence’s many museums. Gaze upon Michelangelo’s David at the Accademia Gallery or experience the magic of The Uffizi Gallery, home to works by Renaissance greats Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli, and more.

3. Religious buildings
Not only is Florence famous for its art and history, but for its architecture as well. Visit the famous Duomo and climb to the top of the cupola where you will be able to see all of Florence. Or visit the Basilica of Santa Croce – the sacred burial grounds of some of the most acclaimed Italians.

4. Wineries
Tuscany is known for its wine, and if you are willing to take a short drive you will be able to sample not only Chianti wines, but also sangiovese-based reds, and Supertuscan blends as well. The Chianti, Carmignano, and Bolgheri regions are all within driving distance from Florence.

5. Unique lodging
Florence is a great place to experiment with a property that may be out of the ordinary. The Villa la Vedetta is like a luxury estate straight out of a novel set in the Neo-Renaissance era. With only 18 well-appointed, classically designed rooms and suites, you will feel like royalty. The Portrait Firenze is in the heart of the historic city of Florence on the edge of the Arno River. The Portrait is surrounded by exquisite architecture, artistic masterpieces and is just steps from many notable fashion retail establishments.

These are just a few of the many sights Florence has to offer. Connect with an Advisor at contactus@traveldesignlounge.com or visit the Travel Design Lounge at the Shops of Legacy to discover everything this invaluable destination has to offer.

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